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Rental is £9 per hour for individuals and £8 per hour for Burton in Lonsdale Village Organisations and Clubs. Payment details are available on the Village Hall notice board in the hall. Set up time and clearing and cleaning after an event should be included in rental. Arrangement to clean the hall after an event can be made for an extra £10. Please indicate when booking if you want this service.

(Preparation time to be included). Please make cheques payable to: Burton in Lonsdale Village Hall


Bookings by Telephone: Ruth Gill 015242 62014


check the Availability Calendar for events


Keys are available from –

Ruth Gill, Jean Thornber or Christol Edmondson  015242  62262.

Christol Edmondson  can also be contacted re after event cleaning.

Booking can be made through Ruth Gill 015242 62014

The online calendar is for information re bookings and vacancies. This is managed by David Taylor, our treasurer , 015242 64944


The Hall can accommodate up to 80 people. It has wheelchair access throughout, disabled toilet facilities, baby changing table, central heating, double glazing. Included in the hire fee is a well equipped kitchen with range cooker, pans, crockery for 60 people, microwave and refrigerator; also in the Hall an audio system with microphones, two projector stands, end wall white projection screen area 2.5m by 2.5m, a movable smaller screen and an Entertainment Licence. At modest extra charges are available: 8 linkable display boards for exhibitions and a computer projector. There is a an adjustable stage in two parts, each 2.4m x 1.2m (8ft x 4ft) to make a square or rectangular area.


Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel a booking without 24 hours notice you will be charged 50% of the rental fee for that booking.


Booking Guidelines

User Booking Guidelines

Setting Up: Setting up time must be booked and paid for, including the night before if that is required.

User Booking Responsibility

Please follow these simple housekeeping guidelines:

• Follow Fire Safety Responsibility see below!

• Smoking is Prohibited: Sand bucket for extinguishing!

• Heating: Balanced system needs no alteration of thermostats. See notice for heat boost.

• Alcohol: A licence is required for sale and consumption of alcohol-and the prior approval of the Committee is also necessary. At private functions alcohol may be provided by the hirer eg. for special functions or dinners.

• Safety: Any drapes used must have been fireproofed and a relevant certificate obtained.

• Posters: Should not be attached to the walls at all. Please use bluetack if posters are placed on doors, remove after use. Do not use sellotape or drawing pins.

• Tidy: Crockery and cutlery wash and return to the cupboards. Sweep floors -do not wet wooden floor.

• Green Bin: Rubbish

• Blue bin for clean glass, plastic bottles with 1 and 2 on the base , cans  and paper and card in the blue bin outside please.

Past experience has led us to provide these guidelines. The vast majority of users leave our building ready for further use, sadly a few have not. We have no caretaker – our building is cleaned by volunteers from the Committee.


Burton in Lonsdale Village Hall

Registered Charity 505943


Burton in Lonsdale Village Hall Fire Safety Responsibilities For Users Of The Premises

As the responsible person for the event/ function, etc. you have legal duties with regards to the safety of those persons  assisting or attending the event. Before the event or function you should be aware of:

• what fire protection systems are present;

• how a fire will be detected;

• how people will be warned if there is a fire;

• what staff should do if they discover a fire;

• how the evacuation of the premises should be carried out;

• where people should assemble after they have left the premises and procedures for checking whether the premises have been evacuated;

• identification of key escape routes and exits, how people can gain access to them and escape to a place of safety;

• arrangements for fighting fire;

• specific arrangements, if necessary, for high fire-risk areas;

• how the fire and rescue service and any other necessary services will be called;

• procedures for meeting the fire and rescue service on their arrival and notifying them of any special risks, e.g. the location of highly flammable materials;

• what instruction employees or helpers need and the arrangements for ensuring that this training is given;

• limitation on numbers of people;

• any chains and padlocks which need removing from fire exits, etc.;

• exit doors which are required to be in the open position are secure; and

• checking that all escape routes are clear of obstructions and combustibles. Before the event or function you should decide:

• the arrangements for fighting fire;

• the arrangements for means of escape for disabled persons;

• the duties and identity of staff who have specific responsibilities if there is a fire;

• the arrangements for the safe evacuation of people identified as being especially at risk, such as contractors, those with disabilities, children, members of the public and visitors;

• how you will proceed if life safety systems are out of order, e.g. fire-detection and alarm systems, sprinklers or smoke control systems;

• who will be responsible for calling the fire and rescue service and any other necessary services;

• who will meet the fire and rescue service on their arrival and notifying them of any special risks, e.g. the location of highly flammable materials; and your plans to deal with people once they have left the premises, especially children. At the start of the event or function you should notify all those present about:

• the smoking policy;

• the emergency warning signal;

• who is supervising and how to identify them;

• location of exits and escape routes;

• taking only valuables immediately to hand but not to go to collect other belongings;

• the location of muster points; and

• what will happen after that (e.g. re-entry to the building).

During the event or function you should ensure that:

• escape routes and exits do not become blocked;

• your smoking policy is adhered to;

• no naked flames are started (unless

authorised e.g. candles);

• where naked flames are present that combustible material is kept clear;

• rooms do not become overcrowded;

• noise levels cannot drown out the fire alarm; and

• if necessary, the number of persons in your premises is limited or controlled.


PDF download of fire guidelines



Committee Members 2017 Chairman is Andy Ive  015242 61124.Treasurer is David Taylor 015242 64944.Secretary Ruth Gill 015242 62014. and Jean Thornber. Ian ThompsonBill StringerBill SherringtonKathleen SalreinDavid Hodgson 





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